Texas Bear Creek Storage

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Texas Bear Creek Storage - New Braunfels

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Tyson Jack

on google Monday September 02, 2019
Best storage place ever. Owner was very accommodating when I asked him to check on my boat and send me information I needed on my boat.

N. W.

on google Monday September 02, 2019
I get to Texas Bear Creek at midnight, thank God they were open and accommodating. Unfortunately my hired help (Jason Van Cleef) DID NOT show up until I was finished and the guy at the storage stood there looking at my stuff knowing I was going to do this alone and said, "Well good night and good luck" so I unloaded a commercial 18-wheeler full of furniture into a 30 foot storage BY MYSELF and at 8am in the morning after the little Australian man was well-rested he help me with the last piece of furniture thank you my good man chivalry is not dead with you. Now if you want a five star rating help with a few more things other than just one thing when it comes to a lady.